11. Deep Mirror AI

Company: Deep Mirror AI

Co-Founder: Dr. Ryan Greenhalgh

Website: https://deepmirror.ai

Deep Mirror AI

About Deep Mirror AI


Deep Mirror represents a true use case for AI for good.

Founded by a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge in 2019, DeepMirror is on a mission to improve R&D efficiency to make drugs and drug discovery more accessible.

Every new approved drug now costs >$500M before it is even given to the first patient. Over 6 years chemists painstakingly tweak molecules to make them effective drugs. What if we could predict which tweaks are better than others and reduce overall costs? AI can help but the technology remains expensive and is only used effectively by specialists and a few big Pharma businesses.

​We at DeepMirror are experts in physics, biology, and AI and are working hard to bridge the gap and drive AI adoption across the Biopharma industry. Making the latest AI tech accessible to every chemistry team.



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