10. Baresquare

Company: Baresquare

Founder: Georgios Grigoriadis

Website: https://www.baresquare.com


About Baresquare


Baresquare is an enterprise software startup redefining data analytics for eCommerce brands with its AI-powered platform, the only one of its kind that provides a clear understanding of what is impacting revenue AND how to react.

Founded by CEO Georgios Grigoriadis in 2017, Baresquare solves the systemic inefficiencies in traditional data analytics, freeing marketers, retailers, strategists, and analysts from manual dashboards and empowering companies to know exactly why and how to optimize revenue with speed and clarity.

Specializing in helping online retail and eCommerce brands maximize revenue, Baresquare’s AI-powered technology leverages data to not only ask the right questions but to also deliver actionable answers. By eliminating the need for manual dashboard analysis, Baresquare’s proprietary AI agents identify revenue opportunities and facilitate immediate action, driving tangible results for clients.

Built on its own native platform and utilizing generative natural language before the advent of LLMs, Baresquare is at the forefront of AI innovation in data analytics. Despite facing challenges due to the collapse of the Greek economy, where Baresquare was founded, and the global pandemic, Baresquare has thrived, securing funding and expanding its presence across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Greece. Working with industry-leading brands such as Sony Europe and Condé Nast, Baresquare continues to innovate AI technology to shape the future of eCommerce analytics.



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