9. OmniIndex

Company: OmniIndex

Founder: Simon Bain

Website: https://www.omniindex.io


About OmniIndex


Established in 2020, OmniIndex stands out with its unique proposition – the world’s only commercial solution enabling AI to analyse fully encrypted data.

At the core of our philosophy is the empowerment of data owners and the belief that they, and only they, should decide who can access their data. Our founder, Simon Bain, took this philosophy and ran with it to invent our patented fully homomorphic encryption that ensures data can remain encrypted not just in rest and in transit, but also while being analysed with AI. He and the team then packaged this powerful solution for data privacy into a blockchain data platform to eliminate the risk of ransomware attacks due to its immutable and decentralised properties.

However, while this platform (PostgresBC) is able to connect to leading tools like Looker and BigQuery, the OmniIndex team were unsatisfied with relying on external AI tools alone. This is because OmniIndex customers are those working with the most sensitive and regulated data and this information often needs to be rigorously controlled and not shared with external parties.

To overcome this challenge, OmniIndex developed its own private small language model (SLM): Boudica.

Unlike large language models (LLMs) trained on vast amounts of varied data, Boudica operates on small pools of controlled data, significantly reducing the likelihood of biases and inaccuracies. Furthermore, Boudica’s patent pending design means new customers can add their own ontologies in order to instantly train the model in their own unique and specific needs. For example a different language or industry specific terminology. Finally, the private structure of the AI means it works fully within the user’s controlled environment with no data being shared or accessed externally. Put simply, it is the data-secure, data-compliant business use for AI.

This system has already made a significant impact in the Nigerian education system. By implementing our solution, Nigeria is on track to boast better educational data security than every G7 country with their drive towards a modern digital landscape. Using the OmniIndex platform, they will be able to gain actionable insights on their educational data with AI without ever exposing any personally identifiable information of students or staff. This achievement has garnered pan-African media attention, further validating our capabilities.

Other successes include working with Health Innovation Hub (HIH), a Life Science organisation, to ensure their customer data remains completely private and secure while being analysed with AI to give health and lifestyle advice, joining experts in ethical AI and Web3 at a number of research events across the UK; including MKAI and Bath University, and going to Google Cloud Next as a Google Cloud partner.



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