8. Salesflow.io

Company: Salesflow.io

Founder: Besnik Vrellaku

Website: https://salesflow.io/


About Salesflow.io


Salesflow.io was founded in 2019. Founder Besnik Vrellakus previously worked across 10 Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and also successfully exited a business. Besnik launched Salesflow.io – the Go-To-Market software shaping the future of B2B lead generation for SMEs through multi-channel (LinkedIn and email) sales technology. Salesflow.io swiftly grew into a $2 million B2B SaaS business in 24 months, bootstrapped without any funding. Salesflow.io now serves major clients such as Hubspot, Monday.com and LaunchDarkly, empowering Sales and Marketing leaders with unmatched software, enabling the identification of high-quality leads effectively.

When salespeople prospect, it becomes challenging and somewhat overwhelming to manage email and LinkedIn messages, using LLM model tensorflow on Amazon Web Services, Salesflow was able to filter and categorise what text to learn for positive and negative responses. Salesflow now train this model so sales representatives can go into the software which in real-time adjusts positive and negative responses so sales leaders can focus on more positive conversations.

Every sales representative has access to ChatGPT as a typical example, but, Salesflow built and used a variety of new tools in their stack to help salespeople continue to gain results in a difficult climate by using AI data singles from a variety of AI providers which focus on high intent prospects which has massive impact by improving conversion rate by almost 50%. Salesflow.io also created automatic multi-channel automation workflows, which define which times and days sales messages go out.

Salesflow.io serves over 10,000 Sales and Marketing users, with a focus on delivering optimal customer experiences. By leveraging Salesflow, individuals can harness the potential of their LinkedIn and email profiles, seamlessly converting leads without manual intervention. Offering a suite of user-friendly features and sophisticated tools, Salesflow.io simplifies task automation and accelerates deal closures, streamlining the B2B lead generation journey. Salesflow.io advocate for outbound outreach as an indispensable component for business success, playing a pivotal role in enabling businesses to enhance their outreach strategies through its comprehensive platform. Its consistent delivery of results facilitates businesses in swiftly securing meetings with decision-makers.

This year, Salesflow announced a strategic partnership with Warmly.ai, an AI-powered pipeline acceleration platform. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the way marketing and sales teams identify and engage prospective leads using Linkedin, leveraging cutting-edge technology to connect professionals with decision-makers more effectively.

Salesflow.io and Warmly.ai equip sales and marketing teams with advanced tools, data-driven insights, and personalised recommendations to maximise their outbound outreach efforts. Salesflow.ios comprehensive sales optimisation platform, combined with Warmly.ais AI-fuelled lead intelligence enables users to engage potential customers with tailored, impactful messaging at the right time.



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