7. Decorte Future Industries Ltd

Company: Decorte Future Industries Ltd

Founder: Dr Roeland P- J E Decorte

Website: https://decorte.co.uk/


Decorte Future Industries Ltd


About Decorte Future Industries Ltd


Decorte Future Industries deploys groundbreaking new machine learning to extract health data simply from sound. Its proprietary technology is wholly unique in the commercial world in being able to perform hospital-grade cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and neurological health analyses, all using only audio collected by a standard microphone, like the one in your smartphone. The only thing a user needs to do is hold a standard microphone against their chest – no need for the usual electrodes, wires, gel or custom hardware.

Decorte’s tech is essentially an AI-driven early warning system for heart, breathing, brain, gastrointestinal and mental health problems, picking up on issues by having a superhuman AI “doctor” intently listen to all the sounds your body makes.

Despite deploying only one sensor (a standard microphone) – where modern wearables require many different sensors for many different metrics – Decorte’s AI has been shown in clinical tests and ongoing clinical studies across the EU, US and Asia to consistently rival existing medical gold standards. Decorte is partnered with Apollo Hospitals, the largest healthcare provider in Asia with 200M+ patients over 120 countries, 73 hospitals, 400 clinics and 1100+ diagnostic centres, for two successive multi-phase clinical studies, as well as with cardiovascular clinics in the US and EU. Outside the regulated medical space, Decorte is seeking to allow the general public to access its technology by deploying on 3 billion smartphones.

Founded in 2019 by Dr Roeland P-J E Decorte, a University of Cambridge graduate with a PhD in using modern methods to crack 5000 year old codes, Decorte’s technology makes health data accessible to anyone and has the capacity to dramatically reduce the cost of healthcare for billions. Its US-based cardiovascular partners have estimated that, once deployed, Decorte’s tech would save their average patient between $16K-31K each. Decorte has built a world-class team – including CTO Erika Bondareva, PhD in machine learning from Cambridge – and a board of investors that includes the co-founder of British semiconductor pioneer Arm, senior 3x3cutives from Microsoft and Raspberry Pi, and the former CTO of Ikea and Disney Online. The company was one of ten companies selected for Techstars 2020 in London.



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