14. Purple Transform

Company: Purple Transform

Founder: Gregory Butler

Website: https://www.purpletransform.com/

Purple Transform

About Purple Transform


Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Oxfordshire, Purple Transform is an AI-driven technology company dedicated to creating better human outcomes through the power of ethical AI, advanced data analytics, IoT, and computer vision solutions. Purple Transform’s mission is to unlock the full potential of these technologies to enhance safety, security, efficiency, and overall human well-being across industries like rail, wider transport, healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

At the core of Purple Transform’s offerings is SiYtE, a cutting-edge platform designed to extract and aggregate real-time anonymised data across an organisation’s systems – including CCTV cameras, IoT sensors and third-party feeds. SiYtE leverages AI, machine learning and computer vision to analyse and visualise this data in real-time, turning traditional passive devices into intelligent systems. Its ability to integrate with legacy cameras enables organisations to upgrade their capabilities and unlock previously untapped data insights without abandoning existing investments.

Purple Transform’s innovative AI platform has been developed for a variety of use cases. Most notably, its development has centred around railway networks across the UK. The AI is meticulously coded and trained to recognise ‘normal’ trends and behaviours, flagging any deviations that may indicate potential danger or incidents.

Alerts are sent to appropriate personnel, via the SiYtE dashboard and iOS app, enabling immediate, intelligence-led decisions that enhance safety and operational efficiency. The same technology can also predict risks, allowing workers to take proactive measures to prevent incidents before they occur.

The life-saving technology is already in place in multiple locations across both the UK and Europe. A notable instance occurred last September, when Purple Transform’s SiYtE system identified an individual in distress on the tracks at a London train station. The system’s timely alert enabled the British Transport Police to intervene swiftly, relocating the individual to safety and showcasing the profound impact of Purple Transform’s solutions.

Looking to the future, Purple Transform is committed to advancing AI-enabled technologies that deliver significant results in safety, security and performance, making a tangible impact on the world.



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