15. Stratiphy

Company: Stratiphy

Founders: Dan Gold, Founder and CEO

Website: https://www.stratiphy.io/

About Stratiphy


Stratiphy: Revolutionising Investment with Trustworthy AI

Stratiphy, an investment strategy builder technology firm based in London, is harnessing the power of AI to enable retail investors to benefit from automated investment strategies that are customised to their individual needs and goals.

With direct authorisation from the FCA and backed by a £1m AI grant from Innovate UK, the company is poised to further transform investing in the UK, as it works towards its goal of making cutting-edge financial tools accessible to everyone through the power of AI.

Since launching in 2020, Stratiphy has leveraged AI to help close the investment gap in the UK. With Stratiphy, individuals can benefit from access to sophisticated investment algorithms that were once exclusive to major hedge funds and banks, optimised using cutting edge AI techniques.

The company allows retail investors to develop truly tailored investment portfolios that are diversified, risk-adjusted and automated. This unique approach contrasts sharply with the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of model portfolio solutions.

Stratiphy not only enables users to build portfolios that react to the market but also unlocks the ability to compare investments and conduct technical analysis. Consequently, the company’s powerful platform allows retail investors to build wealth like professionals.

The system offers powerful analytics such as historical backtesting of custom strategies and generates tailored investment signals that reduce the need for time-intensive stock research. This combination equips Stratiphy users with the ability to be their own wealth managers.

By analysing massive data sets in real-time and employing machine learning Stratiphy is highlighting the incredible power and potential of AI across finance-based applications and services.



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