16. NetDocuments

Company: NetDocuments

CEO: Josh Baxter

Website: https://www.netdocuments.com/

About NetDocuments


NetDocuments has been at the forefront of delivering reliable innovation to help legal professionals do their best work for over 25 years. The original cloud-first, cloud-only legal document management system (DMS), NetDocuments has been dedicated to partnering with customers and the legal community to bring solutions to market that solve current and anticipate future needs throughout the document lifecycle.

In 2023, NetDocuments brought that same innovative spirit to applying generative AI in the legal industry. During development, NetDocuments met with hundreds of customers to listen to how they want to use generative AI technology; what concerns they have; and what opportunities they see. And they raised important questions:

• How do we protect our firm’s “secret sauce” and client’s information when using AI?

• Is there a way to put up guardrails for users to control how, when, and where AI gets used?

• Do we need to train every lawyer to become a prompt engineer?

• What about ethical walls; can we restrict AI’s access to content when doing work the same way we do for lawyers?

Based on those conversations, NetDocuments thoughtfully embedded AI throughout their DMS platform to deliver a new suite of solutions with the tools and considerations that enable legal professionals to leverage AI responsibly.

In July 2023, NetDocuments announced ndMAX, a series of generative AI-powered products designed to streamline the entire legal workflow. The first of the solutions to be made available to the market was PatternBuilder MAX, which was released in October 2023 after extensive customer co-development. By integrating generative AI with customer’s own content and NetDocuments’ no-code app-building solution, PatternBuilder MAX represents a radically different and transparent take on solving for the endlessly bespoke needs of legal professionals.

Notes Matthias Birkholz of lindenpartners, “I have been able to greatly streamline and automate document drafting with the PatternBuilder MAX app, quickly customized, and refined to meet my needs. Smart AI tools like PatternBuilder MAX enable attorneys, even with limited tech know-how, to address common typically time-consuming uses cases, and make an immediate impact on client work.”

Firms and legal teams of all sizes and geographies are choosing PatternBuilder MAX for its game-changing capabilities. Customers are tackling common problems like document summarization, drafting, extraction, matter timeline creation, and running contract playbooks on day one. And customers can also easily build custom, no-code apps to solve unique challenges across any practice area.

Called a “no-brainer from an ROI perspective,” in an Info-Tech report, in January 2024, PatternBuilder MAX was recognized by the Legalweek Leaders in Tech Awards for Best Use of Artificial Intelligence – Contract, Document & Project Management. NetDocuments is committed to ensuring legal professionals can move both fast and responsibly to adopt generative AI technologies, and there will be more product launches under the ndMAX umbrella coming in 2024 and beyond.



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