17. Nebius AI

Company: Nebius AI

CEO: Roman Chernin

Website: https://nebius.ai/
Nebius AI

About Nebius AI


Launched in November 2023, Nebius AI (Nebius) has built a cutting-edge, AI-centric cloud platform tailored specifically for AI practitioners. Nebius AI is one of Europe’s largest providers of GPU capacity, with a focus on providing high-end, training optimised infrastructure to support the full AI/ML lifecycle.

Nebius AI made a splash in 2023 with the construction of ISEG, the most powerful commercially available supercomputer in Europe, at its fully owned data centre in Finland. The data centre offers thousands of H100 NVIDIA GPUs connected with Infiniband that are suitable for training the biggest AI models. To harness the H100’s full potential and allow it to operate at intended frequencies and modes, Nebius has formulated a unique rack design, placing its network front and centre to develop a range of different solutions for specific AI tasks – with all its servers being fully compatible with its state-of-the-art, sustainable data centre.

When establishing the AI-centric cloud, Nebius was able to identify a key challenge facing the sector. Due to the fact that many AI businesses are founded by ML engineers, there tends to be a lack of sufficient DevOps experience, creating a need to provide a high level of support in setting up their infrastructure. This discovery prompted the decision by Nebius to enhance its service offering with professional DevOps support, complete with ready-to-deploy solutions and how-to guides for training, inference and fine-tuning. As a full-service partner, Nebius AI offers expert guidance, platform access, and round-the-clock support, enabling its customers to innovate and succeed in the rapidly evolving world of AI.

As well as specialising in compute credentials, Nebius AI is also at the helm of ensuring its practices are environmentally sound and run at optimum efficiency. Its innovative and sustainable data centre, based in Finland, is developed in-house by a specialised R&D team to ensure reliable performance, utilising power from a solar panel farm and channelling the excess heat generated from the servers to 2,000 homes nearby. The facility also allows free-cooling, using outdoor air, and features innovative power supply, and its hardware consumes approximately 30%-50% less energy for computations than servers with standard architecture, while delivering twice the performance. This commitment to sustainability benefits not only Nebius AI’s customers but also contributes to reducing the overall carbon footprint of AI infrastructure.



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