18. Octaipipe

Company: Octaipipe

Founder: Eric Topham

Website: https://octaipipe.ai/




About Octaipipe


In our everyday lives, essential systems such as energy grids, manufacturing facilities, and transportation networks strive for better efficiency, security, and environmental sustainability. These systems, however, confront distinct challenges that traditional AI, which leans heavily on centralised cloud computing, struggles to address effectively.

Launched in 2022, OctaiPipe is the world’s first end-to-end Federated Edge AI platform optimised for creating, deploying, and managing machine learning solutions in critical infrastructure environments. Federated learning, a decentralised machine learning approach, allows AI algorithms to be trained on-device at the edge, minimising data movement to the cloud.

OctaiPipe has been successful in serving industries such as Industry 4.0, Energy, Smart Utilities, Connected Transportation, Connected Shipping, Smart Cities & Buildings, Manufacturing, and Asset Management, including companies such as P&G, SICK, ARUP and Domin.

OctaiPipe provides a revolutionary platform for those working within critical infrastructure, simplifying the deployment and management of secure, private, and scalable edge AI applications.The platform decreases AI team overheads by 3-4 times, empowering a single data scientist or engineer to connect to, learn from, and deploy to between 100-10,000 devices independently, streamlining operations and enhancing team efficiency.

Most recently, OctaiPipe launched the latest version of its platform which reduces communication rounds by 66% compared to other Federated Learning implementations, while maintaining model accuracy, setting a new standard for efficiency and scalability in on-device intelligence.

Addressing key concerns around privacy, security, and operational costs helps rebuild trust in the scalability and reliability of IoT applications. OctaiPipe opens the door to innovation, particularly in artificial intelligence at the edge, by providing a foundation that supports the secure and efficient scaling of IoT solutions across various critical infrastructure environments.



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