19. Aithor

Company: Aithor

Co-Founders: Dmitry Afonov and SKL.vc venture studio

Website: https://aithor.com/



About Aithor


Aithor is the best AI writing support and editing tool on the market, helping to jump-start the creative process and write better lengthy papers. It was launched in May 2023. Aithor made its first $1 million in revenue and became profitable in under 10 months, highlighting its global appeal. It is available globally in seven languages, with subscribers from 95 countries. Aithor’s solution stands at the forefront of this innovation wave, combining high technical capability with ethical sensibilities. It focuses on helping to create ideas and concepts for educational content in minutes yet is capable of further tailoring the results to the user’s preferences. Aithor stands apart from its competitors as its edits and suggestions are genuinely undetectable as AI – this is ensured by evaluating them with the two most popular tools (GPT-3 and GPT-4).  Aithor was launched by global data-driven venture studio SKL.vc, founded by Artem Sokolov, a serial tech entrepreneur and investor. Sokolov is driven by the purpose of tackling the world’s main problems through science, education, and cutting-edge technology.



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