20. Buntar Aerospace

Company: Buntar Aerospace

Co-Founder & CEO, COO, CPO: Ivan Kaunov, Kateryna Bezsudna, Bohdan Sas

Website: https://buntaraerospace.com//



About Buntar Aerospace


Founded in 2023, BUNTAR Aerospace is a Ukrainian-based manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), using AI-powered mission-planning software to significantly reduce the cost of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. Buntar Copilot, the smart AI software, extends the lifespan of UAVs by up to ten times, significantly reducing drone losses and maximising effectiveness.

Its technology is used to digitalise the experience of the best intelligence drone-operators into smart products, making it harder to lose UAVs to enemy electronic warfare systems. Buntar’s AI-enhanced approach to drone technology is currently contributing significantly to the development of Ukraine’s technological advantage on the battlefield and has applications beyond this region.

Co-founded by CEO Ivan Kaunov, COO Kateryna Bezsudna and CPO Bohdan Sas, Buntar Aerospace has found that 90% of the drone operator’s work in preparation for the mission can be automated. With this in mind, Buntar Aerospace’s AI-powered solutions have unlocked an increased range of real-time ISR on the battlefield with lower prices. Its aerial reconnaissance system decreases the cost per mission by reducing the human factor.



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