21. Rossum

Company: Rossum

CEO, CTO, Chief Science Officer: Tomáš Gogar, Petr Baudiš, Tomáš Tunys

Website: https://rossum.ai/



About Rossum


Rossum is an AI company building the next generation of intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions. The company was born out of frustration with the inefficiencies plaguing business communication. Recognizing the delays, errors, and redundancies inherent in traditional document handling, Rossum’s founders envisioned an AI-first, cloud-native solution.

Rossum’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based transactional document automation platform leverages AI to tackle the challenges head-on. It enables enterprises to automate the processing of transactional documents with unmatched accuracy, reliability, scalability, and flexibility while enhancing business relationships and unlocking real-time strategic insights from the data. Over 275 blue-chip enterprises including Bosch, ABinBev, Panasonic, Siemens, Master Trust Bank of Japan, Flexport, Wolt, and many more globally, are using the platform.

The platform is built on top of its Rossum Aurora engine (launched in February 2024), the next-generation AI for improved document understanding and end-to-end automation. Rossum Aurora is powered by Rossum’s proprietary Transactional Large Language Model (LLM), a tailor-made LLM for understanding transactional documents, with enterprise-grade safety embedded at its core.

Early users of Rossum Aurora have experienced unseen levels of accuracy and productivity, such as:

  • 10x reduction in the number of documents needed to reach desired accuracy;
  • An average 37.6% error reduction, with zero hallucinated values through a discriminative decoder;
  • Accelerated exception handling through generative AI custom emails straight into existing workflows.

The company was co-founded in 2017 by Tomáš Gogar (CEO), Petr Baudiš (CTO), and Tomáš Tunys (Chief Science Officer), bringing together a dynamic blend of leadership and technological innovation. Operating globally, Rossum maintains a strong presence in Europe, with its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, and an office in London, UK. In 2021, Rossum secured an impressive $100 million in venture capital funding, with backing from leading investors such as General Catalyst. This solid financial backing underscores investor confidence in Rossum’s technology and the potential of the Intelligent Document Processing market.

Currently, the company is in its Series A stage of development, demonstrating promising growth and expansion prospects. Rossum’s team of 200 international employees is a testament to its commitment to embracing the best talent in the field of AI.



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