17. The Mindful Birth Group

Company: The Mindful Birth Group

Founder: Emiliana Hall

Website: https://www.themindfulbirthgroup.com/parents/





About The Mindful Birth Group

We are closing the antenatal and postnatal education equity gap in the UK for every new parent regardless of their income, location, ethnic origin or path to parenthood. We are doing this by making expert live and on-demand support available to all via the one-of-a-kind PregnaHub® online platform.


I started the company in 2018 after the birth of my second baby- I was writing the business plan whilst I was in early labour! From my own experience of the UK maternity care system and that of others around me, I could clearly see that there was a huge need for accessible, affordable and personalised resources so that expectant parents could make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy, births and recovery periods and support their mind and body throughout. Historically, parents would book onto expensive antenatal classes with the main aim to make friends with other local expectant parents. In many areas the NHS would provide free antenatal classes. However, we are now experiencing an NHS midwife staffing crisis and the free classes have been completely de-prioritised. We also know that under-represented communities were unable to access many of the resources due to language and logistical barriers, even when they were available.


So, we have created the PregnaHub®, an affordable and accessible online platform that provides live and on-demand support for all expectant parents. It is available via and app or desktop (which is important in case people do not have a smart phone and want to access the information via a desktop at the local library for example). The content is designed to support people to understand what their options are when it comes to pregnancy care, childbirth, postnatal recovery and caring for their baby. It takes away the need to use Google, and we have experts such as midwives, sleep consultants, lactation consultants and many more available to answer more personal questions. With the PregnaHub®, expectant parents can be sure that they are receiving the most up-to-date, evidence-based information and are being supported in their choices.


We know from research that a supported and informed parent is much less likely to experience birth or postnatal trauma, which has a knock-on effect to our society but also NHS expenditure on supporting traumatised individuals. The PregnaHub® also takes the pressure off of an over-stretched midwife work force as we can guide parents through their pregnancy experiences and provide the emotional and practical support that the are just not able to access via the NHS. Our inclusive approach and accessible format means that everyone can get the support they deserve, regardless of their income, location, ethnic origin or path to parenthood.




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