Founder: Jagroop Sahi

Website: https://kiddykind.com/






KIDDYKIND.com is a digital department store dedicated to making conscious shopping for kids more convenient; by bringing together natural, ethical and sustainable kids products in one place. All of the products sold on KIDDYKIND are consciously created by inspiring brands, using natural, recycled and sustainable materials to reduce their impact on the earth.

KIDDYKIND was founded in July 2022 as a proof of concept. The goal was to support small businesses creating conscious products for babies and kids whilst also providing greater choice and ease of purchasing for customers.

After having her first child in 2017, Jagroop became more conscious about what she was consuming, using and the exposure of her environment on her family’s well being. Consequently her shopping habits changed completely, choosing natural, ethical and sustainable products that were consciously made over trending or fast fashion items.

To find these consciously created products took a lot of time and research and proved inconvenient, which inspired the creation of KIDDYKIND; a collection of conscious brands irrespective of size, all vetted, so customers have a greater choice of baby and childrens products and can shop confidently from brands that think about their impact on the earth, all with one convenient payment and the items delivered directly to your door.

As a business analyst with experience of launching corporate and start-up platforms to market, Jagroop launched the proof of concept which was extremely successful and saw KIDDYKIND partner with over 20 small businesses, listing over 250 products.

In January 2024 KIDDYKIND re-launched on new technology to enable greater scalability and currently hosts over 35 eco-friendly brands (many of which are award-winning) and over 350 products ranging from playroom essentials such as slides, rocking horses, balance boards and jumpspots to montessori furniture, sustainable and organic clothing, education resources, wooden toys, crafts & activities, educational resources, and so much more.

The children’s industry generates so much waste due to the nature of how quickly children grow. By purchasing from brands that think about sustainability in every element of their business and are truly creating the best products that they possibly can, we really can make a positive change for our planet. In doing so, we are also supporting small, mostly parent-led or family-run businesses that feel the impact of each order they receive.

Research shows that 71% of parents would like to shop more consciously for their children however convenience is their biggest obstacle in purchasing more planet-friendly products. KIDDYKIND enables parents to easily purchase conscious alternatives with a great range of choice from so many inspiring brands.

Our mission is to change the way we shop for babies and children so that we all reduce our waste, buy less and buy better, leaving a better planet for the future generations.



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