19. Assembly

Company: Assembly

Founder: Ayse Tanyeri

Website: https://www.helloassembly.com/



About Assembly

Assembly supports parents to support their children’s mental well-being at home. Parents who feel lost about their child’s emotional well-being can get timely answers about their child’s struggles, and Clinician-led support programmes for specific development needs.


Assembly was founded in 2022 out of Ayse’s own frustration of not knowing whether to be worried about and how to support her child’s emotional and behavioural struggles. Its mission is to provide timely, cost effective, convenient and targeted support for families who are worried about their child and who currently have to choose amongst 1) free, generic, untrustworthy advice online, 2) very long wait lists and probable rejection within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and 3) expensive, private clinicians with hard to understand specialties. This impossible choice leads to a delay in seeking help, with an average 10 years between issues first starting and finally getting professional help for children. This impossible choice also creates significant stress and frustration amongst parents: 71% of parents said their child’s emotional health is making work much more difficult to cope with. 56% of parents are anxious about their children’s mental health. 50% of working parents’ thoughts are on their children’s mental well-being, even when at work.


Assembly has embraced the latest research in child psychology which uses parents to deliver therapy for lasting, sustained results. Parents are the user and the main change agent in the family. Assembly is also a first port of call for parents who are unaware of and overwhelmed by the different available specialties. It offers a unique, integrated and needs-based approach using principles across therapies and focusing on supporting a child’s functional difficulties at home or school, regardless of whether they fulfil diagnostic criteria for certain disorders. Parents first get a better understanding of their child through a holistic assessment, and receive recommendations for further specialist diagnostic assessments. Parents learn first-hand how to support their child through goal-based, Clinician-led programmes which feature micro adjustments to the home setting and easy parent/child skill building exercises to do at home. These are offered in curated age-specific groups where parents can openly share their struggles. Parents typically mention this as the highlight as they realise they are not alone.


Assembly has followed a user-led approach, piloting different solutions ranging from fully digital in one extreme to fully human on the other, neither of which deliver a scalable and effective solution. Assembly has therefore innovated on both the delivery and clinical model, with extensive research with parents and clinicians and overseen by a world-class Clinical Advisory Board. Assembly has been featured as part of Reed Elsevier’s Family Week and delivered webinars at employers and local parent groups. Assembly has raised £275k so far from Zinc, a mission-driven accelerator, and angels and aims to raise a pre-seed round late 2024 to build a scalable tech platform for millions of families in the UK and the US.



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