20. Tribela GmbH

Company: Tribela GmbH

Founder: Natalie Boll

Website: https://tribela.com



About Tribela GmbH

My name is Natalie Boll, and I am the founder of Tribela, a groundbreaking social media platform dedicated to creating a safer, more inclusive online environment for all users, particularly younger ones. I founded Tribela in 2023, driven by my personal experience as a mother of three and over 20 years in the media industry. The idea for Tribela was born out of a deeply personal mission to address the harmful impacts of current social media platforms after witnessing the devastating effects of online bullying on my own family.



Seeing my child suffer from online bullying compelled me to leverage my media background to identify and address the specific design flaws in existing social media platforms that contribute to these issues. I realized that these platforms are built and moderated for adults, making it challenging to regulate and protect all age groups. Inspired by the family channel model, I envisioned Tribela as a new kind of platform that would be safe for younger users while engaging for all age groups.


Challenges Overcome

One of the primary challenges I faced was skepticism from traditional venture capitalists, who often dismiss the importance of safety in social media. Additionally, only 2% of female founders receive venture capital funding, making it even more challenging to secure financial backing. Despite these obstacles, I turned to the community for support, successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring Tribela to life.


Impact on the Parenting Industry

Tribela has had a significant impact on the parenting industry by offering a secure digital space where parents can feel confident about their children’s online interactions. The platform provides schools with safe community pages for hosting teams and activities, ensuring a supportive environment for student engagement.


Key Features

User Control Over Experience: Tribela allows users to customize their experience without addictive algorithms dictating content, ensuring healthier and more personalized engagement.

User Control Over Data: Users have full control over their data, promoting transparency and privacy.

Safety for Younger Users: Designed with the safety of younger users in mind, Tribela is engaging for all age groups, akin to the family channel of social media.

User Verification: Tailored verification processes ensure a secure environment free from bots and fake accounts.

Safe Community Pages: Schools can host their teams and activities on secure community pages.

Trusted Commerce: Verified stores ensure safe and confident shopping experiences.


What We’re Doing

Tribela is actively addressing the critical issues plaguing current social media platforms. Our mission is to create a digital space where real connections thrive without the interference of bots and fake accounts. We prioritize user safety, privacy, and well-being, making Tribela the answer to the problems identified by the Surgeon General’s recent warning on social media’s impact on youth mental health.

Future Goals: Currently, at prototype, we hope to take the project to the next level, build the full-scope platform, and start beta testing.

Tribela is not just a social media platform; it is a movement towards a safer, more inclusive online world. By addressing the critical issues that affect our children today, Tribela is empowering parents and creating a healthier digital environment for the next generation.




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