21. Datamine ID

Company: Datamine ID

Founder: Julie Mungai

Website: https://datamine.id/



About Datamine ID


Datamine ID was founded in 2023. Its mission is to create trust and safety on the internet through instant age authentication. By providing actionable intelligence, Datamine ID enables online service providers to make proactive, smarter and safer access decisions with minimal human interaction, delivering age-appropriate experiences. This approach ensures every site, service and application provides the highest level of privacy by default and ensures that online experiences are in the best interest of children.

We believe everyone, including children, should be able to access online services to the fullest and safest extent. However, an enormous responsibility has been placed on parents and children to ensure this. We’ve talked to parents, and they are loud and clear, the responsibility should lie with tech companies. The one size fits all internet model, offering the same rules, design and functionality to all users regardless of their age, is not sustainable. At best, it provides children access to information necessary for socializing, their development and communication and at worst, exposes them to inappropriate, harmful and misleading content/persons that could lead to grooming, cyber bullying and harassment.

Datamine ID does not want to protect children from the digital world but rather protect them within it, ensuring online service are appropriate for use by, and meet the development needs of, children.



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