19. Chargebee

Company: Chargebee

Founders: Krish Subramanian, Rajaraman Santhanam, Saravanan KP, Thiyagarajan T

Website: https://www.chargebee.com/




About Chargebee


Chargebee has emerged as the FinTech industry leader in Revenue Growth Management (RGM) for subscription businesses. Its core solutions – Chargebee Billing, Chargebee Retention, Chargebee RevRec and Chargebee Receivables – can work together or separately to power the revenue lifecycle. With seamless support at every growth stage, Chargebee handles 480+ billing scenarios, localises checkout and invoices and offers rapid pricing experimentation to find the sweet spot and help businesses launch and grow.

In 2011, four friends came together in an apartment in Chennai with a dream to build a business around a problem that needed solving: subscription billing. While born in India, the company was raised in the US and Europe, gaining traction among SaaS and subscription businesses needing a billing solution to capture, grow and expand market share. Since that date, there has been only innovation and growth. As the subscription industry continues to grow and evolve, so does Chargebee, with employees across Europe, the US and India, and customers in over 227 countries and territories around the globe.

Today, it is more important than ever for businesses to find ways to monetise and deepen customer relationships. Subscription businesses are investing heavily in technology and automation to boost productivity and efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and make data-driven decisions. Yet, many businesses encounter difficulties because their financial teams lack the right toolkit to effectively manage and understand revenue.

Chargebee fills this gap in the market, offering subscription management and recurring billing, pricing and payment optimisation, revenue recognition, collections, and customer retention capabilities for companies of all sizes. Crucially, Chargebee ensures that it scales seamlessly with its customers’ evolving business needs.

What sets Chargebee apart is its open API architecture, which enables effortless integration with nearly all CRM, ERP, and other systems to capture and analyse recurring revenue data, offering a future-proof keystone to any tech stack. This interoperability and flexibility truly differentiate Chargebee from the competition, and it’s why over 6,500 businesses, including Freshworks, Yousign and Study.com, trust Chargebee to help acquire, manage, grow and retain customers.

Chargebee has been recognised by customers as a Leader in Subscription Management and many other categories on G2 and is backed by some of the top investors in the world. After a round of funding in April 2021, where Chargebee was first minted as a unicorn, the company raised an additional $250M round in February 2022, led by Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global and including existing investors, to more than triple its valuation to $3.5B.

Chargebee is one of the only companies built specifically FOR subscription and SaaS businesses and has used over a decade of learnings to make its subscription and recurring billing platform the best choice for customers – in doing so, becoming one of the world’s most exciting, innovative cloud-based fintech startups.