20. Insightful Technology

Company: Insightful Technology

Founder: Rob Houghton

Website: https://insightfultechnology.com/



About Insightful Technology


Insightful Technology keeps financial institutions compliant. It does so by monitoring, storing and analysing every single email, call and other message sent and received by employees, customers and trading partners dealing with regulated activities.

For example, if a trader buys and sells shares, Insightful’s AI-powered technology records everything and adds context to it – such as where the trader sits in relation to others – to prove the trader is sticking to the rules. Alternatively, it can spot problems and allow businesses to act. In a world where regulators consider everyone guilty unless they can prove innocence, this is essential – and in high demand.

As a result, company turnover has grown consistently, with rates of 37% in 2020-21, 20% in 2021-22, and an impressive 51% projected for 2022-23. We received significant investment from BLOOMBERG L.P. in 2022, further strengthening our position as a market leader.

Insightful also solves problems with older monitoring methods, which create too many ‘false positives’, record monumental amounts of duplicated messages, and which create data silos. Our technology stores everything in an easily accessible ‘golden source’ that uses blockchain to secure it. With this approach, users not only have peace of mind, but can reduce overall costs.

Our CTO and founder, Rob Houghton, launched the business in 2014. He’s a classic entrepreneur who started his working life at 11, doing 40-hour weeks on a farm. After graduating with a degree in maths, statistics and computing, he got a job in a pub to pay the bills. One day a regular introduced him to a friend who was “Looking for computer whizzes.” His first role in the industry was to computerise 999 call systems. He later worked as a trouble shooter for HP, getting a full view of technology from A-Z. This was the perfect training to lead Insightful Technology.

We have 170 global clients including 12 tier one global banks, government agencies, legal institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. They trust us to protect them from the severe consequences of non-compliance, such as eye-watering financial penalties, operational risks, and irreparable damage to reputations. We are now expanding in APAC and North America.

To ensure the business continues growing, we’re nurturing a dynamic and innovative workforce, actively seeking talented individuals directly from universities. These young and enthusiastic recruits bring fresh perspectives to the compliance challenges we tackle, invigorating our drive for innovation.

It also helps us focus on the future. We go beyond designing solutions that tackle the current regulatory challenges. We look five to 10 years into the future so that when the landscape changes, customers already have systems built to remain compliant.

The goal is to further cement our position as a leading company in the global fintech industry. We’ll do so by sticking to our expertise in understanding intricate data patterns, providing valuable context for employees’ conversations and actions, enabling prompt identification of suspicious activity and consolidating data to make it useful.

This will assure compliance, protect financial institutions and do so simply, effectively and without huge cost.