2. Darktrace

Company: Darktrace

Founders:Poppy Gustafsson, Jack Stockdale, Nick trim and Nicole Eagan

Website: https://darktrace.com/



About Darktrace


We could call our Self-Learning AI the most powerful of its kind but the truth is, there’s nothing else quite like it. It doesn’t just learn your organization, inside and out, down to the smallest digital details. It actually understands what’s normal to identify what’s not. Which makes it incredibly effective at dealing with and even preventing the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

The best way to protect your bottom line: a loop. The Darktrace Cyber AI Loop is built on continuous feedback and a deep, interconnected understanding of the enterprise. Prevent, Detect, Respond, Heal.

Darktrace offers security for organisations of all sizes. Anywhere, Everywhere and for Everyone. From extra small businesses to massive enterprises. Any mission, any industry. Darktrace monitors and protects all people and digital assets across your entire ecosystem.

The Darktrace AI Research Centre is foundational to our continued innovation. Teams of mathematicians and other experts examine how AI can be applied to real-world problems, to find new paths forward to augment human capabilities. With more than 145 patents and patents pending, the AI Research Centre comprises more than 200 R&D employees, including experts with ~100 master’s degrees and 20 doctorates in disciplines from astrophysics to linguistics to data science.

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