3. RapidSpike

Company: RapidSpike

Founders: Robin Hill, Andrew Mason, Gav Winter

Website: https://www.rapidspike.com



About RapidSpike


RapidSpike is a next-generation website monitoring platform revolutionising website reliability, performance, and security. As the only solution to capture these three critical aspects of website health, the result is continually optimised customer journeys, greater website resilience, better security, and more conversions – all of which are crucial for high-volume ecommerce businesses transacting online.

RapidSpike is based in Leeds and headed up by technology entrepreneur CEO Gav Winter. He and the team have helped drive the organisation towards a 75% increase in annual recurring revenue, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and supply-chain issues. RapidSpike’s main client base consists of ecommerce teams, involving Ecommerce Managers, UI/UX Developers, Website Performance Specialists and Security Engineers.

Customers are said to form an opinion about an ecommerce brand as quickly as 0.05 seconds after the page loads, so it’s no surprise that conversions drop by 7% for every 1-second delay. Website journeys need to be fast and efficient in order to convert more customers. RapidSpike turns noisy website performance data into useful, visual and commercially focused insight that helps prioritise seemingly competing actions according to a brand’s ecommerce KPIs.

RapidSpike interacts with ecommerce platforms like shoppers do – creating key insights to increase website performance and detect critical elements. It monitors real and synthetic customer interactions from the outside in, providing one version of the truth so that brands can monitor, protect, and improve the digital experience.

Magecart attacks are currently the number one threat to ecommerce websites. In response to rising ecommerce threats, new compliance with PCI DSS 4.0 will be required by transactional websites. RapidSpike has bolstered the functionality of its award-winning website monitoring platform with thousands of new data points to support retailers with the transition. RapidSpike detects Magecart (web skimming) attacks in minutes, not months, and empowers ecommerce organisations to take early action to protect their customers’ data – plus their own brand reputation – from payment card theft.

RapidSpike has been used as a principal tool in many organisations to protect websites from this type of hack. Websites all around the world improve their security with RapidSpike. After a major Magecart attack on PrismRBS, RapidSpike now protects 400+ PrismRBS websites against Magecart attacks with 20,000,000+ hosts checked per month.

RapidSpike has plans to leverage the data collected on the platform and use AI to help provide more insights and solutions for website owners. Additionally, RapidSpike will be assisting ecommerce companies in their sustainability goals with upcoming plans for Webpage sustainability monitoring.

With a robust product roadmap – featuring customers’ own development requests – RapidSpike’s functionality continues to evolve to reflect the ongoing challenges and opportunities posed by the internet, search engines, ecommerce industry and consumer behaviour, to make the internet faster, safer and more reliable for everyone.

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