4. Quantum Dice

Company: Quantum Dice

Founders: Ramy Shelbaya, Marko von der Leyen, Zhanet Zaharieva, Wenmiao Yu, George Dunlop

Website: https://www.quantum-dice.com


About Quantum Dice


Quantum Dice enables cybersecurity through quantum physics. We offer a self-certifying quantum random number generator (QRNG) to produce verifiably secure encryption keys critical for all modern data encryption.

Founded in April 2020, Quantum Dice was created after spinning out from the University of Oxford’s world-renowned quantum optics laboratory, where its DISC™ QRNG technology was developed.

Unlike existing solutions, Quantum Dice’s patented source-device independent self-certification (DISC™) feature continuously works to prevent the random numbers generated by the laser from being influenced by external ‘noise’ in the hardware. This ensures completely unpredictable, unrepeatable encryption keys.

We live in an increasingly digitised world that the World Economic Forum expects to be connected through 30 billion smart devices by 2025. All modern-day encryption relies on a source of random numbers for the generation of keys. However, the security of the random number generator is often overlooked to the user’s detriment. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with governments, tech companies, and international regulatory bodies in an arms race to protect personal data and privacy. IBM reported that the average global cost of a single data breach was over $4.24 million USD in 2022 (IBM Cost of a Data Breach report).

Current random number generators are either based on algorithms that are only partially random (PRNGs) or on physical processes such as radioactive decay or electronic noise (TRNGs). They have been repeatedly proven vulnerable to device-based attacks or are only sources of pseudo-randomness. In 2007, more than 750,000 Estonian electronic ID cards were compromised due to a flaw in encryption keys, directly resulting from faulty random number generation. In 2019 and 2023, a vulnerability caused by weak randomness was discovered in one of the most used firewall appliances around the world: the Cisco ASA. This vulnerability was flagged by the world-renowned National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and given a rating of “high”.

These repeated failures highlight a need for verifiably secure encryption key generation. This is solved by Quantum Dice’s DISC™ QRNG.

Quantum Dice was accelerated by Intel internationally in 2022 before launching its first product, the APEX QRNG (19’’ rackmount device for network security developers), at the Intel Innovation conference in San Diego, in September 2022, and then the VERTEX QRNG (PCIe Card) at Mobile World Congress 2023.

Quantum Dice’s products are now in use in funded pilots and partnerships with network security, telecoms, satellite, and financial services users. Quantum Dice announced the use of its QRNGs in iQuila’s virtual encrypted network (VEN) solution to secure remote working. IQuila is a Cradlepoint technology alliance partner that delivers unrivalled encryption security over remote network connections, including home working post-Covid-19.

Since its formation, Quantum Dice has secured £3 million in funding from leading international and UK VCs (Elaia Partners, IPGroup PLC, and Future Planet Capital) as well as £2 million in Innovate UK grant funding. The Oxford-based team is now at 20 and growing.

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