5. SenseOn

Company: SenseOn

Founder: David Atkinson

Website: https://www.senseon.io/



About SenseOn


SenseOn was founded in 2017 with the objective to solve the biggest obstacles in cybersecurity starting with challenging the conventional approach to threat Detection and Response, which they refer to as “The Security Data Problem”. Enterprises that are unable to capture the critical data linkage between their users, processes and network remain vulnerable to being exploited by the adversaries. SenseOn aims to solve this problem by providing enterprises with a consolidated cybersecurity defence system that can pinpoint the interaction between the user, process and network, at source and in real time to keep the critical infrastructure secure from malicious threats.

Designed by security professionals with industry experience, SenseOn is the only cybersecurity solution to deliver full NDR from a software agent by augmenting the data from the endpoint. By collecting data and links at the source covering all network activity, SenseOn enables security analysts to understand what data is moving within the network whilst providing insights into why it exists and how it is being generated alongside identifying who is responsible for network requests.

The SenseOn platform provides security teams with deep visibility into traditional blind spots, enabling enterprises to identify and address vulnerabilities effectively. Achieved through taking a research-driven approach, SenseOn’s award-winning ‘AI Triangulation’ patented technology connects multiple intelligence sources to form rich cases within the platform. Driven by threat intelligence, SenseOn was uniquely built with a comprehensive library of detections which are constantly deployed into the platform to provide security teams with a better understanding of the threats within the infrastructure. Additionally, the platform can detect over 600 advanced analytics and provides enterprises with automated response and remediation for risks and threats within the infrastructure.

Recognised brands such as Skanska, Yeo Valley and Mitsubishi Chemical trust SenseOn to improve their cybersecurity defence. In efforts to expand customer outreach, SenseOn currently serves hundreds of organisations and has customers that span across a range of different industries including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Construction, TMT, Healthcare and pharma and Legal. In SenseOn’s most recent NPS survey, they received an NPS score of 67.86 with a response rate of 15.05% and achieved greater than 120% NRR across all cohorts.

SenseOn’s vision is to create a world where security and IT professionals are alleviated from the burden of mundane, repetitive work and can thrive and enjoy more fulfilling careers by enabling an autonomous, intelligent and secure security approach.

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