23. Ettos Ltd

Company: Ettos Ltd

Founders: Adriana Batty and Gianni Romano

Website: https://www.ettos.io


Ettos Ltd


About Ettos Ltd


ettos is an end-to-end traceability platform for eco-conscious fashion brands and suppliers. Our traceability system has been created for the fashion industry to promote transparency & responsible manufacturing. With our innovative technology, we strive to provide brands with the tools they need to support a sustainable sourcing strategy and communicate their eco-efforts with consumers.

Individual QR codes are generated through our software that can be incorporated into clothing products and drive consumer awareness of where and how products are made. Through our interactive map, we’re giving suppliers a face and enabling brands to engage deeper with their customers – helping consumers to make more informed decisions & building brand trust. Our back-end portal that is accessed by brands and suppliers, acts as a one-stop hub for managing compliance, certifications and supply chain traceability.

Our company was founded in 2023, off the back of our experience through our sister company, Lyfcycle. We’re founded and managed by brother and sister duo – Gianni & Adriana.



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