24. Hornetsecurity

Company: Hornetsecurity

CEO: Daniel Hoffman

Website: https://www.hornetsecurity.com/en/


About Hornetsecurity

Hornetsecurity is a leading global email cloud security and backup provider, enabling companies and organisations of all sizes to protect themselves from various cyber threats. The core offering is comprehensive security solutions in the fields of email security and data protection, which has helped thousands of businesses across a variety of industries, from hospitality to automotive to education.

Core Concept

Since the company began, Hornetsecurity has had one overriding goal: Protect global organisations, so companies can focus on what they do best.

Doctors should be able to focus on patient care, not email spam, airlines should focus on travel, not malware viruses – with a fully comprehensive cybersecurity provider, this becomes possible.

By protecting email communications, securing data, and ensuring business continuity and compliance with next-generation cloud-based solution, Hornetsecurity allows organisations to focus on their core business.

Additionally, Hornetsecurity’s here to help ever pressured IT departments with the management and of control Microsoft 365 permissions, enabling them to enforce compliance policies and monitor violations.

In a world where the threat to digital security is rapidly evolving and ever advancing, properly protecting a company’s data is vital, yet it’s incredibly difficult and time-consuming for organisations to solve alone.

Hornetsecurity takes this complex task away from companies, providing various advanced protection and backup services to ensure companies are protected from all angles. With protection being the priority, Hornetsecurity also works to reduce breaches as a result of human error through automated, tailored security awareness training.

Business Successes

Since Hornetsecurity’s inception in 2007, the focus has been on cloud computing, as distinguished by the company’s co-founder and long-standing CEO, Daniel Hofmann. Cloud computing has since become an integral part of today’s business world. The company has grown to over 400 employees, with over 50,000 customer organisations, and 8,000 partners worldwide.

Over the years, Hornetsecurity has won numerous awards, solidifying itself as an industry leader. For example, it was named a Trail Blazer in Radicati’s Secure Email Gateway – Market Quadrant, being recognised for its potential to ‘disrupt’ the market with new technology or new delivery models, and providing advanced, best-of-breed technology.

Its flagship product is regarded as both an industry-leading package and one of Hornetsecurity’s most successful offerings, being the most extensive cloud security solution for Microsoft 365 on the market.

365 Total Protection ensures comprehensive protection for Microsoft cloud services – specially developed for Microsoft 365 and seamlessly integrated to provide protection, backup, security awareness and compliance. Easy to set up and extremely intuitive to use, 365 Total Protection simplifies IT security management from the very start.

Hornetsecurity solutions stand out by being user-friendly and easy to manage – through a central, multitenant Control Panel – and for its delivery of high-level transparency and control.

Future Goals

Despite having built up a community of global clients such as Vodafone, Konica Minolta and Xerox, Hornetsecurity aims to continue developing and growing, ultimately becoming the guardian of companies worldwide that use Microsoft 365 – creating a safer M365 world!