24. Mission Impact Academy Ltd (Mia)

Company: Mission Impact Academy Ltd (Mia)

Co-Founders: Janna Salokangas, Tarja Stephens

Website: https://www.themia.world/




About Mission Impact Academy Ltd (Mia)


Mia was founded with a visionary goal: to empower one million women with AI upskilling opportunities by 2030. Since its inception, Mia has dedicated itself to transforming lives through innovative and accessible AI education, focusing on equipping women, particularly those in non-technical roles, to unlock their potential and catalyze economic mobility.

From the start, one of our most significant challenges was addressing the lack of female representation in the AI industry. We recognized early on that many women felt alienated by the tech field due to its highly technical nature and perceived inaccessibility. To overcome this, Mia developed a curriculum that demystifies AI, making it approachable and relevant by integrating human skills with technical training. Our programs are designed not only to impart knowledge but also to build confidence, fostering an environment where women are encouraged to explore and excel in AI.

Additionally, Mia faced the hurdle of scalability—how to reach a wide audience without compromising the quality of education. Our solution was to leverage digital platforms, creating a virtual learning environment that supports our global community. This approach has not only expanded our reach but also allowed us to tailor educational experiences, ensuring that learning is both personal and impactful.

The impact of Mia on the AI industry is multifaceted. By focusing on diversity and inclusion, we are helping to bridge the gender gap in tech. Our efforts are contributing to a more diverse workforce, which numerous studies have shown can enhance creativity and drive innovation. Mia’s commitment to empowerment through education has also cultivated a network of women leaders in AI, who are now inspiring and mentoring the next generation of tech innovators.

Mia has also been instrumental in promoting ethical AI practices. By integrating discussions of ethics into our curriculum, we ensure that our students not only excel technically but are also prepared to make decisions that consider the broader social implications of AI technology. This commitment to responsible AI fosters a more thoughtful approach to technology development and application, aligning with global efforts to ensure that AI benefits all segments of society.

In conclusion, Mia’s journey has been marked by a commitment to innovation, community building, and social impact. We have turned challenges into opportunities for growth and impact, ensuring that each step we take brings us closer to a more equitable and technologically empowered future. Our work is far from done, but each day brings us closer to realizing our vision of a world where AI education’s transformative power is universally accessible, empowering women around the globe to lead and innovate in the AI space.



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