25. Kao Data

Company: Kao Data

CEO & Co-Founders: Doug Loewe & David Bloom, Chairman Kao Data

Website: https://kaodata.com/



About Kao Data


Pioneering Data Centres Engineered for AI and Advanced Computing

Founded in 2014, Kao Data has swiftly emerged as an industry leader, pioneering the development of data centres engineered for AI and advanced computing.

Its vision was to set a new standard for secure, scalable, and sustainable data centre platforms, enabling companies to use AI to deliver ground-breaking outcomes across healthcare, disease prevention, bioinformatics, and other forms of GPU-powered computing. It has successfully overcome numerous challenges to realise this goal.

One major challenge facing the data centre industry is accommodating the rapidly growing demands of AI workloads, which require high-density GPU and CPU hardware from manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA to provide the processing power to achieve their AI objectives.

Kao Data has partnered with NVIDIA to address this, becoming one of its preferred partners and earning its NVIDIA DGX-Ready certification.

This certification highlights its capability to support NVIDIA’s high-performance computing (HPC) and AI clusters and ensures its facilities can handle the most power-intensive AI and advanced computing tasks.

Notably, Kao Data’s Harlow campus is home to NVIDIA’s Cambridge-1 supercomputer, now integrated into its global DGX Cloud offering, underscoring its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for AI development.

At the time, Cambridge-1 was the fastest and most powerful supercomputer in the UK. It was designed and developed to enable major breakthroughs in AI-powered healthcare and deployed in record-breaking time. Founding partners included AstraZeneca, GSK, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, King’s College London, and Oxford Nanopore—all of whom were using AI to undertake research into drug discovery and genomic sequencing.

As such, Kao Data’s impact on the industry has been substantial. By setting a new standard in high-density data centre design and operations, it has enabled numerous world-leading organisations to accelerate their AI initiatives. Its relationship with InstaDeep further exemplifies this.

InstaDeep, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) powered decision-making solutions for enterprise, was acquired by BioNtech in July 2023 and today houses its AI supercomputer at Kao Data’s Harlow campus.

Its engineers require advanced processing power and low latency connectivity to enable rapid algorithm development, testing, and scaling of its AI workloads across multiple locations. Initially, InstaDeep leveraged a small number of NVIDIA DGX servers on-premises, supplemented by various hosting arrangements. However, as its data volumes grew in size and scale, so did its computational needs.

Recognising the need for a more agile and cost-effective solution, InstaDeep deployed its first supercomputer at Kao Data, whose infrastructure provided it with a dedicated, high-performance environment that significantly increased its AI, data production and testing speeds. This enhanced InstaDeep’s operational efficiency and solidified Kao Data’s role as a critical enabler of AI-powered innovation.

Kao Data’s commitment to innovation, combined with its strategic partnerships and state-of-the-art facilities, is unparalleled. It has had a significantly positive impact on the AI industry. Today, it provides a secure, scalable, and sustainable data centre platform for the AI rockstars of the future and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.



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