26. Lumai

Company: Lumai

Founder: Tim Weil

Website: https://lumai.co.uk/



About Lumai


Lumai is developing an AI processor to make AI more sustainable and capable. The company enables AI deployment at scale with the fastest, most energy-efficient AI hardware. By using 3D optical computing, Lumai helps cloud computing providers and enterprises to unlock the full potential of AI.

Spun out of world leading research at Oxford University in 2021, the Lumai team includes some of the world’s brightest and most capable AI, datacentre and optical experts and scientists. Lumai’s leadership team includes an expert in launching, developing, and growing deep-tech companies, world leaders in optical computing and quantum physics, and product and technical experts who bring in vast experience from their previous roles at Arm and Meta.


The challenge

AI is set to transform our work and lives – improve health care, accelerate scientific discoveries, improve education and help mitigate the impact of environmental change. With datacentres already predicted to consume as much as 3% of global energy by 2030, Lumai was founded to solve a particular challenge: how can we enable this AI revolution without building hundreds more datacentres and without consuming even more energy.

Existing AI computing is already struggling to meet the growing demands and is already using lots of energy. This will only continue to grow, signalling a dire need for a new computing paradigm to support the next generation of AI. Lumai’s 3D optical computing technology is the answer – taking AI processing far beyond the limitations of existing electronics.


Advancing AI

By utilising light instead of electricity, Lumai’s AI processor is highly scalable and versatile. The company’s ground-breaking technology can be tailored to transform scientific and industrial applications including machine learning, high-performance computing and more. The possibilities are endless.

Lumai’s technology is based on many years of ground-breaking research and the company has ambitious plans to become a global supplier of AI hardware, competing with some of the most prodigious technology companies in the world.


Recent recognition

Lumai recently joined the Open Compute Project Foundation, a leading community focused on hardware technology and its role in supporting the growing demands of compute infrastructure. In 2023, Lumai was selected as a member of Intel Ignite’s prestigious London cohort, which recognises disruptive scaleups who are making a significant impact on the industry.



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