27. SeparateSpace Ltd

Company: SeparateSpace Ltd

Co-Founders: Amanda Bell, Victoria Nottage

Website: https://www.separatespace.co.uk/



About SeparateSpace Ltd


SeparateSpace founders Amanda Bell and Victoria Nottage have worked as top divorce lawyers for a combined 30+ years and they know how overwhelming and stressful divorce can be. For most people, professional support is out of reach and it’s incredibly difficult to find the right path through. The result is more stress, more conflict, and unfair financial outcomes.

SeparateSpace has brought together the expert legal experience of its founders and the very best tech to create a straightforward, accessible solution for thousands of people.

Launched in 2024, SeparateSpace is an affordable online legal platform that provides emotional, financial and practical expert support. With a personalised divorce pathway and step-by-step legal guidance, it’s a way for people to move forward with confidence (and save on legal fees).

On top of its platform, SeparateSpace is building an AI companion tool, Atla AI, which will leverage generative AI to deliver a first-of-its-kind AI family law solution. Atla AI will help SeparateSpace users to navigate the complex and often confusing journey of divorce. It will answer users’ questions in real time and signpost to additional resources or information. Importantly, building on SeparateSpace’s ethos that divorce is not just a legal problem, Atla AI will provide guidance from multiple domains: legal, emotional, practical and financial.

As well as improving our user’s experience of SeparateSpace, we expect Atla AI to help us grow as a business by enabling us to provide real-time support at scale and further differentiate our offering from other consumer law and legaltech solutions. Adoption of generative AI in sensitive areas like law has been slow due to the high standards of accuracy and reliability required. Atla AI enhances user experience while demonstrating that AI can be safely integrated into sensitive fields. By addressing these challenges, SeparateSpace is expanding the scope of generative AI applications, encouraging other developers to explore similar integrations where precision and trust are crucial.

SeparateSpace is breaking new ground in family law which comes with challenges as the product is developed and brought to market. We’re taking a cautious approach to implementation of Atla AI ensuring thorough testing throughout development before public launch. Transparency is important to us so we’re looking to build explainability into the model through referencing. Training the model on appropriate tone is also essential given the sensitive nature of the subject matter. Post launch we’ll be carefully monitoring performance and retraining as required.

Once we’ve proven the impact of AI within family law, we plan to tackle other consumer law problems using our powerful combination of personalised smart tech and AI. Watch this space!

SeparateSpace is backed by Innovate UK and some fantastic investors. They’ve been featured in publications including The Sunday Times, Legal Futures, TechRound and Forbes.



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