28. Shimmr AI Ltd

Company: Shimmr AI Ltd

Founder: Nadim Sadek

Website: https://shimmr.ai/



About Shimmr AI Ltd


Shimmr – on a mission to bring every book into the light:

With over 100 million titles in publishers’ catalogs, a staggering 95% of books remain in the shadows, deprived of the exposure they deserve. This is because traditional marketing methods are too costly and resource-intensive for most books. Meanwhile, a vast 70% of readers eagerly seek new literary discoveries, leaving a glaring void in the publishing industry caused by unscalable, expensive, and laborious marketing models.


The solution – Automated Advertising that sells books:

Shimmr launched in September 2023 and has revolutionized book advertising, providing an innovative solution to the age-old discoverability challenge. With automated, end-to-end advertising to get titles discovered, publishers can now illuminate catalogues of unpublicised books, for better discovery by readers. Shimmr uses AI to ensure that every book, regardless of its publisher’s resources, receives the attention it deserves.


Shimmr’s innovative technology and IP:

This is powered by our proprietary IP, ‘BookDNA’. Generative AI and Large Language Models, imbued with our proprietary psychological matching process, makes it possible to match these undiscovered books with their most suitable audiences. Here’s how:


1. BookDNA

Shimmr analyzes each book’s values, emotions, plots, benefits, characters, and structures to produce its unique ‘BookDNA’.


2. CreativeDNA

Shimmr then uses the ‘BookDNA’ to produce ads that bring the book to life in ways that are faithful to its DNA and the vision of its author.


3. MediaDNA

These ads are then deployed to the audiences most likely to buy the book, continuously self optimizing without the need for manual intervention.

It’s ‘advertising on autopilot’.


Overcoming challenges to contribute positively to AI and Publishing:

The biggest challenge facing Shimmr – aside from distilling a vast array of IP, technology, and creativity into an elegant product – has been putting Publishing at ease with the use of generative AI; due to the issues between Publishing and AI around the use of copyrighted material.

Yet Publishing has embraced Shimmr’s solution with fervor. Shimmr’s average sales cycle is 15 days – and the majority of publishers and authors are subscribing to Shimmr on the same day as their demo. In just 8 months, Shimmr’s impact on the industry’s approach to book advertising is undeniable:

o 150 publishers, authors and publishing services companies have signed up to Shimmr – a rate of one new customer per working day since our launch.

Resulting in:

  • Advertising campaigns for 300+ titles
  • 1,800+ self-optimizing ads that ensure the best conversion rates to sale
  • 75-125 purchasers driven to each title’s e-commerce pages, monthly

In the last month alone, Shimmr has driven awareness of titles among 617,000 new readers, and sent 23,000 of those readers directly to e-commerce sites to buy the books.

The wider AI community is recognising our contribution – Shimmr was named ‘AI Startup of the Year’ by the UK StartUp Awards in May 2024.



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