29. Joyned

Company: Joyned

Co-Founders: Michael Levinson, Jonathan Abraham

Website: https://www.joyned.co/


About Joyned


Emerging as a way to make the booking experience more collaborative and enjoyable, Joyned was launched in 2022 by Jonathan Abraham and Michael Levinson. Joyned’s AI-based social revenue platform enables groups who want to go on holiday together to discuss and make purchases directly on-site in a secure, private, online space.

Social revenue is Joyned’s unique technology which elevates the social experience for travellers while offering new AI-based business insights for vendors across multiple categories such as price perception, brand sentiment, inventory, popularity, and more.

Having identified a clear user need for a solution that encourages collaboration and loyalty, especially in the lucrative travel industry, Joyned’s social revenue technology has rapidly gained traction. Leading travel brands like Airbnb and Expedia are also developing similar capabilities, however Joyned offers a white-label solution for travel vendors of all sizes, providing superior capabilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

Clients such as OYO, Despegar, TravelUp, and others have quickly embraced Joyned’s technology, leading to a surge in revenue. Amadeus, a travel sector giant, has also endorsed the 25-strong team behind Joyned.

Joyned has empowered travel sites to own their shoppers’ natural social engagements directly on-site. Its platform is easily embedded so vendors harness 100% of the decision-making process, with no need to take the conversation outside to social media where insight is lost and where the chance of abandoned baskets grows. End-users benefit from a collaborative, organic, and exciting booking experience, while vendors can also personalise their offering with targeted offers and promotions.

AI has been essential to Joyned’s platform, such as through its trending feature – accessible via a tab on its interface – encouraging groups booking trips together to access unique special offers and promotions. By tailoring offers through AI, vendors increase their click-through rates which further boosts customer satisfaction.

It’s most significant addition yet, Joyned recently added its AI Planner which harnesses developments in artificial intelligence and big data to provide travel and hospitality vendors with the ability to deliver a personalised experience to end-users – maximising satisfaction and revenue. In providing on the spot information to users’ most common booking questions, the AI Planner has further differentiated vendors using Joyned from their competitors.

In creating a satisfying experience for customers, Joyned has demonstrated the power of AI to turbocharge customer loyalty, with up to a 4x increase in the number of returning users for vendors using Joyned, as well as up to a 40% increase in average order value. The only SaaS solution to offer an AI-based off-the-shelf collaborative booking experience for travellers, Joyned has a market traction of half a million people and has won numerous awards, including the ‘Most Successful Scale-Up’ at the Hustle Awards 2023, and ‘Best Technology Product’ award at the Travolution Awards 2023.



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