30. Bayezian

Company: Bayezian

Founder: Ed Dixon

Website: https://www.bayezian.com/



About Bayezian


UK-based AI company Bayezian combines academic excellence and industry expertise to inspire young people to do amazing things with data. This includes artificial intelligence to drive competitiveness and statistical analyses underpinning cutting-edge research, alongside model and application design to make lives easier.

Since being founded in 2020, Bayezian has hired numerous early careers data scientists, training them and finding exciting research and applied AI projects in a unique environment that is proving to accelerate careers. Bayezian has done this by building a reputation of driving innovation and adoption of AI delivering quality outcomes on time. This is not only a testament to the ability for young professionals to perform at a high level in the tech space, but highlights Bayezian’s belief in their fresh ideas and creativity.

This ethos is woven through every project the team completes, valuing autonomy, knowledge sharing, and innovation. This was seen in the spearheading of a computer vision tool, which can determine male fertility at a faster and more accurate rate than previously possible.

Bayezian began the project after being approached by a concerned group to improve the way fertility is diagnosed. The team used the MHSMA dataset to build deep learning frameworks that can see a sperm’s morphology. With differences that the human eye can’t see, the Bayezian team has built an algorithm that can determine how healthy a sperm is, and ultimately whether that sperm is fertile. By utilising computer vision techniques, the team has been able to identify sperm fertility with 96% accuracy rate – 2% higher than existing scientific approaches.

In a different healthcare project, Bayezian focussed on the incorporation of AI into the analysis of genomic data to assist in the treatment of breast cancer patients. With The World Health Organisation reporting 2.3 million new cases in 2020, this marked another significant project in Bayezian’s AI For Good pantheon. Bayezian demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the potential pitfalls associated with AI in genomics, while also showcasing strategies to develop resilient tools for analysing breast cancer survival durations.

Another project found the team tackling an environmental challenge with AI; how to reduce fish mortality rates in hydroelectric systems. In partnership with the Environment Agency, the team used data science to analyse the speed and flowrate of water, in addition to the length and width of turbines. As a result, Bayezian has been able to create an application for a government agency, to reduce damage to marine life.

The government agency now has the ability to adjust parameters to easily monitor the turbines. This has reduced the amount of fish strikes and deaths caused by hydroelectric turbines in UK freshwater.

Bayezian is all about AI projects, be it creating helpful products or cutting-edge research. With a focus on life sciences, Bayezian has created solutions in the areas of neuroscience, clinical trials and vaccines and led both Genomics and Fertility research projects. Outside of life sciences, Bayezian has used advanced techniques to build solutions for companies such as CRU and Blackrock.



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