27. Mambu

Company: Mambu

Founders: Eugene Danilkis, Sofia Nunes, Frederik Pfisterer

Website: https://mambu.com/


About Mambu


Mambu is the leading SaaS cloud banking platform that fast-tracks the design and build of nearly any type of financial offering for banks of all sizes, lenders, fintechs, retailers, telcos and more. It was founded in 2011, by Eugene Danilkis, Sofia Nunes and Frederik Pfisterer after the trio worked together on projects exploring the impact of technology on financial services at university. Mambu came to life as the founders saw the opportunity to build a platform using SaaS technology that could enable financial institutions to build better products and services for their customers.

With 280 customers, over 170 partners, and 110 million end users, Mambu’s goal is to lower the barrier to entry for financial and non-financial institutions and banks that want to leverage modern technology stacks and adopt a more agile, innovative operating model. In a nutshell – enable them to build their core banking services in the cloud.

Mambu’s unique composable approach means that independent components, systems and connectors can be assembled in any configuration to meet business needs and end user demands. This model enables financial institutions to focus on their core strengths, delivering superior products and services to customers. Mambu can improve speed-to-market and time-to-revenue for organisations while enabling a lower cost-to-operate – something that has typically been a major barrier for customers. As a result, Mambu has seen 40% of new banks in the UK launching on its platform.

In just over a decade, the company has transformed the core banking market to emerge as one of Europe’s foremost fintech unicorns – reaching a valuation of €4.9 billion following its latest fundraise.