28. Kimble Solar

Company: Kimble Solar

Founder: Chris Sadler

Website: https://www.kimbletech.com/



About Kimble Solar


Founded in 2011 as Kimbletech and pivoting to Kimble Solar in 2022, Kimble Solar is a 5* rated, family-run solar installation company with quality products and exceptional customer service at the core of everything it does.

In the past 12 months, it has helped 158 customers go green with solar power, battery storage, and electric vehicle charge point installations. On average, it has helped each customer reduce their CO2 emissions by 1.2 tonnes per year, which is the equivalent of avoiding 2,800km of car journey emissions per year, planting 18 trees per year, and avoiding 25 long haul flights per year.

In total, over the last 12 months, the company has s helped avoid approximately 190 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of avoiding 442,000km of car journey emissions, planting 2,844 trees, and avoiding 3,950 long haul flights.

Seeing significant growth in the past two years, Kimble Solar’s turnover is predicted to hit close to £5million in 2025.

When inquiring about the reasons behind selecting Kimble Solar, customers consistently cite factors beyond mere affordability. Their decision is rooted in Kimble Solar’s distinguished qualifications, exemplary professionalism, familial ethos, and unwavering commitment to surpassing client expectations.

Instead of recommending and installing the solar systems that are easiest or quickest for the team to install, or the ones that bring the highest margin, it takes time to understand the customers’ requirements and goals for solar. Understanding their consumption patterns, doing a full in-home technical survey with drone technology, and coming up with a totally bespoke design based on all the above information sets Kimble Solar apart from other companies by offering a more personalised and tailored approach.

This 5* service continues into the installation phase. Its installers are all highly professional, qualified to the highest level and have years of experience both in solar and electrical installation.

But more than that, Kimble Solar’s team are all incredibly approachable and friendly people who respect the customer, take the best care of their property, and make them feel comfortable whilst working in the client’s home. They even do a gutter clear after every installation!

In addition, Kimble Solar prides itself on its excellent aftercare service, which is something its customers also hugely appreciate. As standard, every customer has a 28-day follow-up appointment where they can ask any questions to Benji, one of the company’s technical support team.

Beyond that, if there’s ever a problem post-installation or if they have a question on functionality, they can reach out to Kimble Solar who will not hesitate to help. Where necessary Kimble Solar will send a technician to the site to make sure the issue is resolved quickly and effectively, causing minimal disruption to the customer.

This all stems from Kimble Solar being a family-owned and operated small, but fast-growing, business. Its family values resonate in all it does, even as it grows and develops.



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