29. Mainetti

Company: Mainetti

Founders: Romeo, Gianni, Luigi, and Mario Mainetti

Website: https://www.mainetti.com/



About Mainetti


Mainetti, established in 1961, has transformed from a global leader in hangers to a leader of sustainability in response to the urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis and plastic pollution.


Mainetti’s Environmental Impact


Embracing a ‘sustainability first’ approach, Mainetti has confronted the environmental impact of the packaging sector head-on. Their Full Circle initiatives, notably Hangerloop and Polyloop, drive decarbonisation and circularity, establishing new benchmarks within the industry.

The successful launch of Mainetti Polyloop in the UK and European markets in April 2021 was a world first global initiative. This closed-loop recycling system for clear polyethylene film has garnered substantial demand from retailers, brands, and garment manufacturers, including Marks & Spencer, Superdry, Nutmeg at Morrison, S Oliver, and Esprit.

These initiatives have not only set new standards but have also been embraced by major retailers – showcasing their effectiveness and scalability. Mainetti is not only revolutionising its own operations but is also encouraging more responsible consumption practices globally.

Across its global markets, Mainetti has integrated renewable energy solutions into its operations. Four of Mainetti’s factories located in Italy, China, Vietnam, and India, are now powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Looking ahead, Mainetti is committed to further elevating its sustainability efforts. The company aims to increase its overall renewable energy usage from 63% to 80% by 2025, and ultimately achieve 100% renewable energy reliance by 2030. These targets underscore Mainetti’s efforts to set a precedent for sustainable business practices within the retail industry.


Mainetti’s Plan for Growth


Mainetti has recently expanded its operations in Bangladesh to address the evolving needs and demands of retailers across several markets including UK and Europe. The new facility showcases the latest innovations in responsible packaging for the retail, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, and provides Mainetti with capacity to support sustainable growth objectives. The new facility will contribute to Mainetti’s efforts to deliver on its ambitious five-year growth plan for flexible packaging.

Mainetti joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Network in 2021, to strengthen their commitment to a circular business model. This collaboration amplifies Mainetti’s efforts to drive industry-wide reform and reinforces their position as a leader in eco-friendly practices.

Mainetti’s journey towards sustainability is not just about mitigating environmental harm; it’s about catalysing positive change on a global scale. By leading by example, Mainetti empowers businesses worldwide to embrace eco-friendly practices and retail solutions.



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