29. CybExer Technologies

Company: CybExer Technologies

Founders: Lauri Almann, co-founder and Chairman of the Board; Andrus Kivisaar, co-founder and CEO

Website: https://cybexer.com/


About CybExer Technologies

CybExer is a pioneering force in comprehensive cyber development, established in 2016 to empower cyber resilience against the explosive growth in sophisticated cyber-attacks, and tackle the 3.5 million global cyber skills gap.

Specialising in multipurpose Cyber Range solutions, it offers dynamic testing and training environments that magnify cyber resilience and reinforce defenses through immersive, hands-on experiences. With a core focus on practical testing, CybExer guarantees customer technology’s readiness against real-world threats.

CybExer is committed to helping its customers thrive with security in today’s intricate global landscape. Invested in customers’ success, it does not limit the number of users on its Cyber Range as a Service solution, and offers a tiered, usage-based pricing system which ensures that customers only pay for what they need.

CybExer’s growing roster of clients includes some of the most demanding defence and commercial organisations around the world. Its platform provides the underlying technology for the cyber lab of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to mitigate the effects of cyber attacks and safeguard national security, for example. Other customer successes include Heineken Netherlands, who used CybExer’s cyber range exercises to expose vulnerabilities and highlight the need for better cyber security practices, and the Estonian Information System Authority, who used CybExer to conduct live-fire cyber training for the country’s banking sector.

In 2022, CybExer secured a €5m funding round led by Karma Ventures to meet market demand and expand its global operations.

In 2023, CybExer significantly expanded its Cyber Range as a Service offering to make the technology as accessible as possible and extend the power of the cyber range.

The SaaS solution offers fast deployment time, access to the full technology stack, on-demand curated content, and the ability to create tailored content with several customisation options. With capacity-based pricing that ensures minimal initial investment, it was designed to enable quick wins that lay the groundwork for customer success, and will be a key area for growth moving forward.

Smart cities and AI research represent another growth area, with a clear need to test critical digital smart city solutions that are increasingly relied on, and provide AI research teams with stable, scalable, accessible environments to train their algorithms on.

In July this year, CybExer and the City and University of Tartu, Estonia, announced the organisation of an applied research project on the cyber security of Smart City mobility solutions to create a better understanding of risks in the field and enhance cybersecurity.

Moving into 2024, testing, validating, and refining technology solutions in a safe and controlled environment will also gain increasing importance. CybExer’s Cyber Range and Digital Twin solutions provide the tools needed to ensure security, reliability, and effectiveness of technological innovations.

By integrating the most renowned commercial cybersecurity vendors’ products, teams are empowered to extract the maximum utility from these tools while ensuring a comprehensive testing environment. CybExer’s expertise also extends to the integration of intricate operational technology systems for pre production testing, enabling customers to refine technology with confidence.