28. Nettoken

Company: Nettoken

Co-Founder: Simonetta d’Ottaviano

Website: https://nettoken.io/



About Nettoken

Nettoken is a London-based startup developing an inclusive cybersecurity tool for everyday internet users to be in control and best manage their ever-expanding online identity.

Supported by Innovation RCA and Virgin Startup

Alumni of Cylon and NCSC Cyber Accelerator run by the British National Cyber Security Centre (GCHQ) and Wayra (Telefónica).

Combining convenience with security, Nettoken helps users find, visualize and even share their accounts and passwords, in one place.

Every day we signup for new services, whether it is to pay our electricity bills, buy flight tickets or just for a one-off purchase. Not only is it hard to make all this information, but it can also fall into the wrong hands.

Nettoken analyses all these accounts and organises them automatically into a secure and easy-to-use dashboard with a breakdown of essential information. Visualising this in one place helps everyday internet users manage their digital presence and put them back in control.

No username or password is required!

As we become increasingly more exposed, we want to contribute to promoting data transparency and help users and their loved ones best control their own information.