27. Filestream

Company: Filestream

Managing Director: Charles Hooker

Website: https://filestreamsystems.co.uk



About Filestream

Filestream is a specialist in secure and safe document management. The company has a history going back more than 20 years when the founders sold photocopying machines.

In 2003 they developed specialist software which has evolved into a user-friendly and encrypted document management system which is efficient to use and is secure. It’s suitable for a sole trader right up to a corporation.

Many companies rely on mainstream software however this is limited when it comes to security and if hacked in some way – valuable information can be stolen and lost.

With Filestream each document is encrypted so one loss will not affect another – should it even happen at all. Equally this software is fully GDPR compliant and helps clients remain within the law when it comes to data privacy.

This allows business of all sizes, charities and even individuals to have their own online file management system compatible with other mainstream software with a deeper level of security.

Filestream’s clients today include Metro Bank, Chelsea Football Club, BNP Paribas, University of Hull, Universal Music Group, Astex Pharmaceuticals – and even some very famous individuals though those names will not be revealed.