26. TwinStream

Company: TwinStream

Director: Robert George

Website: https://twinstream.com/



About TwinStream

Headquartered in Cheltenham, UK, TwinStream solves cross-domain problems for large organisations. Founded in 2019 by a group of engineers with more than 20 years’ combined cross-domain experience, we apply our know-how to protect our clients’ systems and networks from attack while also ensuring their most sensitive data remains protected. By translating NCSC patterns for Safely Importing Data and Safely Exporting Data into real-world implementations, we help our clients stay one step ahead in the cyber arms race.

Through our use of cutting-edge Cloud computing and Hardsec technology, we build scalable, resilient systems to solve the most challenging cross-domain problems. Where required, we also operate and maintain those systems to provide cross-domain “as a service”.