31. Xampla

Company: Xampla

Founder: Dr Marc Rodriguez Garcia

Website: https://xampla.com/




About Xampla


Xampla is a world leader in engineering plant-based natural polymers. With patented technology based on 15 years of research at the University of Cambridge, Xampla was founded in 2018, with its consumer-facing brand, Morro™, launching in 2023.

Morro materials can provide plastic-free packaging for a range of FMCG products and can also be used to eliminate hidden plastics used to protect fragrance within home and personal care products.

Our core resin can be deployed in a wide range of applications from coatings to flexible films to microencapsulates. Using natural feedstocks and turning them into high-performance fully biodegradable materials, Xampla is protecting the environment by eliminating harmful single-use plastic. Our breakthrough technology also enables progress beyond plastic, delivering new product developments such as encapsulating vitamins and essential nutrients within food and beverage products.

Created by our in-house research and development team, our patented technology works by shaping plant proteins and other abundant feedstocks into functional, drop-in materials that make simpler to do the right thing for the planet.

Xampla has overcome the principal challenge of replacing plastics, which is to enable brands who adopt the technology to do so with their existing machinery and manufacturing processes. Ours is a truly ‘drop-in’ solution, which has enabled us to scale out of the laboratory into factories at pace.

For example, we have developed and scaled a solution to eliminate plastic and per- and polyfluroroalkyl substances (PFAS) or ‘forever chemicals’ coatings on paper and cardboard takeaway boxes, which disrupt recycling systems and end up polluting the environment.

With support from 2M Group of Companies, Morro™ Coating is now set to replace up to 10,000 tonnes of single-use plastic coatings and one million kilometres of plastic-coated paperboard, otherwise destined for landfill, incineration, or environmental release, per year by 2031.

Additionally, the technology will support increasing the UK’s self-sufficiency in the biomanufacturing supply chain – creating jobs, driving regulatory change, and meeting the public demand for plastic-free solutions.

Working with brands, we are actively supporting others with their environmental commitments and transition to a circular economy. Alongside British skincare brand, ELEMIS, Xampla has adapted its groundbreaking technology to use left-over plant waste – namely starflower – from ELEMIS product ingredients and turn them into a Morro film – heat-sealable, flexible packaging film to eliminate the company’s plastic sachets.

This innovation not only enhances resource efficiency and makes material savings for brands, but anticipates upcoming EU regulation which will see sachets phased out.

Morro’s groundbreaking materials mean brands can provide the convenience of plastic, without the pollution. Xampla is making it simple for brands to swap plastic for scalable and reliable plastic-free solutions and, like us, choose the planet.



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