32. Kind Bag

Company: Kind Bag

Founder: Maria Rodriguez

Website: https://www.kindbag.co/




About Kind Bag


Back in 2019, I started Kind Bag with a mission: to combat plastic pollution and make a positive impact on the world whilst carving the way for women in business. Growing up in Tenerife, surrounded by the beautiful ocean, I developed an early appreciation of the natural world. Initially, a career in law beckoned, but my heart had other plans. Whilst struggling to find a bag that was strong enough to fit both grocery shopping and belongings, as well as one that looked good, the idea for Kind Bag and its first product, the reusable bag, was born!

Aiming to encourage slow fashion by championing high-quality and timeless designs, I redirected my focus entirely towards creating a product that would both help combat the plastic epidemic and feed into my love for fashion. The idea for Kind Bag was born with a simple yet impactful observation: The world needed a bag that was not only strong for everyday use but also stylish and vibrant enough to add joy to any outfit. My relentless pursuit of sustainability, female empowerment, and a colourful world is at the heart of Kind Bag’s ethos today.

Kind Bag has evolved into a brand that celebrates individuality, supports the creative endeavours of women, and brings a burst of colour to everyday life. Our fabulous Kind Bags are crafted using a process that transforms post-consumer plastic bottles into a practical, durable fabric called RPET and are made 100% from recycled materials.

They can also be recycled again, at their end of life. They are lightweight, durable and water-resistant, as well as machine washable at 30°c. The circularity of our products is important to us as we strongly believe fashion should not be harming the world but instead should be brightening our everyday lives. With vibrant prints, all designed by women, our bags are made for everyday use – whether that be grocery shopping, travelling or commuting to work.

We are on a mission to bring colour to everyday life without compromising the world we live in. Through both recycling the plastic waste that’s unfortunately already been created and discarded, and creating a reusable product which lessens a consumer’s need for single-use plastic bags, Kind Bag is helping tackle plastic pollution in a big way, having rescued over 6 million plastic bottles from landfill, so far!

These miraculous bags are carefully constructed in a fully accredited supply chain with SEDEX, FSC, ISO, BSCI OEKO-TEX Eco Passport and Global Recycling Standard accreditations. We pride ourselves on offering consumers an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags, but even in offering competitively priced products, we NEVER compromise our high ethical and sustainable manufacturing and production standards.

It is Kind Bags top priority to ensure that the workers involved in our bags’ manufacturing process are working in safe, healthy, hygienic conditions, working fair, daytime working hours and paid more than their local minimum wage – the kind of conditions we’d be comfortable with working in ourselves!



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