32. Beyond Encryption

Company: Beyond Encryption

Founder: Paul Holland

Website: https://www.beyondencryption.com/


About Beyond Encryption

We’re Beyond Encryption, the industry standard for secure digital communications. Established in 2016, we have come far since our humble beginning.

After a sizeable investment from Westcoast in 2021, Beyond Encryption now has over 100,000 customers across 1.8k companies, including major household brands such as Aegon, HSBC, Royal London and Abrdn.

Our industry partners include the likes of Paragon Customer Communications (whose print, pack, and post fulfilment are estimated to touch a UK household 1.6X a week), Origo (with Mailock being the only email solution to integrate with Origo’s Unipass Identity), and Westcoast, our channel partner and leading IT distributor for global brands.

Beyond Encryption’s core mission is to give organisations the freedom to exchange digital information confidently, cost-effectively, and with full compliance, supporting businesses on their digital transformation journey.

We’ve built the world’s most secure encrypted communications network, protecting and connecting businesses with our secure email solution, Mailock.

Email remains one of the most common methods businesses use to interact with their clients, with 2022 alone seeing an estimated 333.2 billion e-mails sent and received each day.

However, it is also one of the platforms most susceptible to a data breach, with email providers having little to no built-in capabilities to prevent this from occurring and leaving businesses that transmit sensitive information at risk.

Mailock empowers advisors, product manufacturers and service providers to utilise instantaneous digital communication that saves time and money.

We firmly believe that great tech, no matter how powerful, should be easy to use and accessible to everyone. That’s why simplicity is placed at the core of our solution, helping our customers to keep their comms safe, without the fuss. It’s also why we decided to offer Mailock Free, allowing consumers and all other individuals to utilise our encryption with 5 free sends a month.

For those holding a paid license, Mailock offers a wealth of features to keep businesses safe, including end-to-end encryption, recipient authentication, message recall, security phrases and a full audit trail.

While Mailock is known for its security capabilities, it also offers additional benefits for businesses. With 80% of Mailock emails being opened by recipients, 1/3rd within an hour of sending and 2/3rd within the first 24 hours, Mailock encourages high client engagement with important messages.

Mailock also supports businesses in reducing their reliance on print, pack, and post, positively affecting their environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact, significantly cutting their carbon footprint and reducing costs and inefficiencies. Since deploying Mailock in late 2019, Life and Pensions provider, Aegon, has saved an estimated 270 tonnes of carbon.

All our innovative tech stems from our CEO, Paul Holland. As the creator of the technology behind Webline, one of the UK’s most well-known comparison engines, Paul now brings his expertise to the market through Beyond Encryption’s solutions.

Paul’s empathetic and visionary leadership has enabled us to cement our position with our best-of-breed partners and set the stage to become ubiquitous within the industry, maintaining our position as the primary system within FS.