33. Blancco

Company: Blancco

CEO: Matt Jones

Website: https://www.blancco.com/


About Blancco

Blancco Technology Group is a carbon-neutral supplier of automated data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions, enabling organisations to accelerate their transition to the circular economy while significantly reducing risk.

Founded in 1997, Blancco has since focused on making sensitive data impossible to recover from used drives, computing devices and active networks, reinforcing both data security and regulatory compliance and helping organisations minimise their vulnerability to cyberattacks. Organisations fundamentally collect and store too much data, creating a greater attack surface.

This is especially true in the age of the cloud; Blancco research found that 65% of healthcare and financial services organisations say the switch to the cloud has increased the volume of redundant, obsolete, or trivial (ROT) data they collect. This unnecessary storage exposes organisations to threats from bad actors.

What’s more, when decommissioning assets prior to data migrations, employee offboarding, lease renewals, upgrades, or repurposing equipment, enterprises adopt an “out of sight, out of mind,” approach.

They hoard equipment with sensitive data – equipment that could lead to a security breach if it falls into the wrong hands. Instead, they should be mindful that if the asset is lost or stolen, they will need to prove appropriate data erasure to comply with data protection and privacy regulations.

An added challenge is many common IT asset management practices don’t go far enough to ensure data cannot be recovered. Physical destruction (like shredding and degaussing old drives) does not guarantee complete erasure, especially with solid-state drives (SSDs) that require shredding down to minute pieces to prevent data recovery. It is also no longer enough to just destroy data.

Businesses need to provide data privacy and protection regulators with an official record to prove they followed industry requirements. This means having an audit trail that comprises reports of erasure and certificates of that erasure.

Blancco plays a critical role in overcoming these challenges by enabling organisations to actively manage the entire information lifecycle and dispose of data when it no longer holds value to the organisation and thus, should be permanently removed through compliant, certified erasure processes.

Its flagship product Blancco Drive Eraser guarantees compliance with data protection regulations.

So far, Blancco has securely erased over 250 million devices, and it supports more than 25 erasure standards.

Blancco’s solutions also aid organisations’ sustainability goals by providing a secure alternative to physical drive destruction; its suite of erasure products securely sanitised 74m KG worth of devices in FY22, reducing needless e-waste and promoting circular economy engagement through IT asset reuse.

As an organisation approaching cybersecurity proactively, Blancco is helping enterprises to realise that proper IT asset management is a core foundation of robust security.

Blancco solutions have also been tested, certified and approved by over 13 governing bodies and leading organisations, including Common Criteria, National Cyber Security Centre and ADISA.

With over 35 patented or patent-pending ideas, the organisation continues to expand its portfolio of innovative solutions, providing global companies with reliable tools to enhance their operations and secure their data.