34. Fana

Company: Fana

Founder: Robin Yan

Website: https://www.fanaverse.io/



About Fana


Fana started in 2023 with a big idea: to create positive impact with each and every purchase. We created a debit card that lets people support different environmental and social projects every month just by buying things they normally would.

We’re focused on a generation of consumers obsessed with positive impact faced with a charity experience built for their grandparents. We’ve worked hard to build a safe and reliable system that could handle money and find the right charitable projects to support.

We went live last month with over 10,000 people on our waitlist. AI powered and community driven, each month a new project from one of our charity partners is chosen, funded by a mix of user card usage and partner brand donations. We’ve started teaming up with some great charities to reach even more people.

Sustainability is at the core of our product; each month our users raise money for projects that help our planet, like planting trees, endangered animal welfare, and clean water projects. Fana is delivering impact in an affordable and engaging format fit for a new generation. We’re making giving part of everyday life, bringing people together to help others, and taking care of our world. And we’re just getting started.



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