35. Platform.sh

Company: Platform.sh

Founder: Fred Plais

Website: https://www.platform.sh



About Platform.sh


Founded in 2010, Platform.sh is a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling web applications. Recognising the need for greener solutions in IT environments, Platform.sh has committed to minimising the effects of human activity on the environment.

In 2022 the business announced the appointment of Leah Goldfarb as Environmental Impact Officer. Her role was designed to oversee the company’s greener web hosting strategies and reduce the carbon footprint of its larger enterprise clients. The announcement was the first of its kind in the PaaS Industry. Since her appointment, the business signed the Climate Act, which stipulates that the company will conduct carbon audits and reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Platform.sh also partnered with Greenly to calculate its carbon emissions and provide Platform.sh’s clients with a yearly report on their datacenter usage and identify ways to reduce their emissions. This is core to Platform.sh’s green hosting approach.

Platform.sh’s green hosting uses less resources, and emits less carbon than on-premise servers, by:

Using BlackFire analytics to measure resource usage and potential bottlenecks.

Supplying clients with a right-sizing solution to optimise server density and reduce resource use to up to 12 times, compared to AWS.

Relocating work packages to greener grids and regions. Platform.sh’s grid requires 12 times less computing resources to run the same workloads, cutting production footprint, but also optimising their energy consumption by 10 times..

As a multi-cloud provider, customers are able to choose a datacentre with the lowest carbon density. Most recently it added Zurich to its portfolio—Switzerland’s leadership in sustainable energy makes it an attractive location for any business looking to reduce its carbon footprint. The addition of Zurich means Platform.sh now offers greener options in seven regions across five countries.

To help incentivise businesses to reduce their emissions, Platform.sh recently announced that it would offer a 3% Greener Region Discount for customers choosing a greener datacentre, a first for the cloud industry. This confirms Platform.sh’s commitment to support developers and organisations deploying projects in regions generating less carbon.


Working with Open Social


Greenpeace chose Open Social because of its access to green hosting through Platform.sh, key to Greenpeace’s website platform requirements. With Platform.sh, Open Social was able to move towards its net-zero goal.


  • Reduce cloud infrastructure emissions by 5x.
  • Relocating apps to greener regions to reduce its carbon footprint by 10x.
  • Create efficient computing by optimising code performance, reducing its carbon footprint by up to 20x




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