37. Egress

Company: Egress

Founders: Tony Pepper, Neil Larkins

Website: https://www.egress.com/


About Egress

Egress is a cybersecurity company that provides intelligent cloud email security, offering cutting-edge protection against both inbound and outbound threats. The company was founded in 2007 by friends Tony Pepper and Neil Larkins, and it has since grown to 300 people with offices in London (HQ), Sheffield, Cheltenham, New York, and Boston.

With 74% of incidents involving a human element,1 people represent the greatest risk to organizations’ security and are most vulnerable when using email. Email threats fall into two categories: inbound phishing attacks and outbound data loss and exfiltration.

Egress is one of a small number of vendors globally to use intelligent AI-based security to defend customers against both inbound and outbound email threats (with competitors primarily using legacy technologies or focusing on half of the problem). Egress also uses a combination of contextual banners and prompts to educate users via real-time teachable moments.

Additionally, in July 2023, Egress became the first organization to offer an adaptive security architecture for cloud email. In the most significant innovation since the creation of Integrated Cloud Email Security, Egress now continually assesses human risk and dynamically adapt its controls against the ever-changing threat landscape.

For inbound threats, Egress Defend offers market-leading detection technology that leverages AI and machine learning models (including natural language processing and natural language understanding). Defend detects the full spectrum of phishing emails, including advanced and persistent attacks such as business email compromise, vendor email compromise, and CEO fraud and impersonation. Within Defend, contextual, color-coded banners provide real-time teachable moments to improve security awareness and phishing recognition, and reduce risk for the long term.

To detect outbound data loss and exfiltration, Egress Prevent uses supervised and unsupervised machine learning to deeply understand how each person uses email and detect anomalies, such as adding the wrong recipient (commonly caused by Outlook autocomplete), attaching the wrong the document, failing to use Bcc, and sharing data with personal email addresses. Real-time prompts empower people to correct their mistakes before data loss occurs, while exfiltration is blocked and administrators notified.

The latest feature of Egress Intelligent Security, adaptive security, continuously assesses individual users’ risk and dynamically adapts controls to prepare customers to defend against email threats before they materialize. Hyper-accurate human risk scores are generated by augmenting product telemetry with multiple other datasets, including open-source intelligence, behavioral data, and threat data taken from third-party security applications and technology platforms (including Microsoft 365). These risk scores are used to dynamically adapt Egress’ security controls, while also surfacing actionable insights for security administrators to improve their holistic security.

Since launching, Egress has raised over $40m in funding, and acquired GCHQ accelerator company Aquilai in 2021 to add inbound email security to the product suite.