38. Policy Monitor Limited

Company: Policy Monitor Limited

CEO: Nick Denning

Website: https://policymonitor.co.uk/


About Policy Monitor Limited

Policy Monitor started in 2019 to help SME’s define their security policy and then ensure those policies are followed by all staff. Cyber Security Policy Monitor (CSPM) is a simple and cost-effective cloud-based solution that helps measure, manage and monitor an organisation’s cyber security workflows and compliance. Cyber Essentials and IASME templates are pre-loaded to help reference cyber security best practices, define and implement a security policy and monitor compliance.

A knowledge base keeps customers up to date with the latest thinking in cyber security, from which they can create and maintain their security policy. CSPM then implements the policy as workflows. Regular tasks are scheduled and then carried out by appropriately qualified people to keep the organisation safe. If an attack or near miss occurs the users can initiate predefined tasks to be carried out associated with the event and as defined in the security policy.

CSPM has a dashboard so that the Director of Security can monitor activity on a day to day basis and chase where people may be falling behind.

The latest version CSPM 3.4 includes:

Multilingual options including English, Arabic, French and Spanish

A simplified interface for organisations to build step-by-step cyber security

Integration with Qualys to deploy Qualys agents, utitlise Qualty data and schedule and distribute Qualys reports

White labelling options for consultancies to manage customers with an “own brand” version of CSPM

Advanced security providing secure access for external consultants

Integration for Certification Bodies with the IASME Pervade solution.