39. Vambrace Cybersecurity

Company: Vambrace Cybersecurity

Director: Mark Adams

Website: https://www.vambrace.co.uk/


About Vambrace Cybersecurity

Vambrace is an experienced cybersecurity consultancy and operations outsourcer helping you to secure your business in an increasingly-hostile cyber environment. Vambrace was founded to secure the heavily regulated and highly targeted gaming and gambling industry. Building upon this heritage, Vambrace has expanded across numerous industries, providing consultancy services and security solutions to financial services, government, retail, telecoms, and other sectors.

Our highly experienced team of cybersecurity professionals has a wealth of knowledge which can be called upon by clients to help identify and mitigate cyber risk. With offices in Leeds, London and Melbourne, we have the capacity and the flexibility to provide exceptional service wherever you are in the world.
Our Values
We know that your cybersecurity portfolio is only as strong as the values of those seeking to secure it.
You can always rely on us to give you unbiased advice. We ensure you develop the programme that best suits your needs, and we are open about that journey from start to finish.
What’s the point in asking for advice if you don’t understand what any of it means? We simplify confusing terms and acronyms, using language that matches how you do business.
Relationship Focused
Cybersecurity protection is a continuous process. We are your point of contact, always at hand to identify incoming threats as well as your evolving industry needs.