4. Good-Loop

Company: Good-Loop

Founder: Amy Williams

Website: https://good-loop.com/




About Good-Loop


Good-Loop is a purposeful media partner making it easier for brands to do good at scale. The startup, founded in 2017, helps advertisers strengthen audience connections whilst working to reduce emissions from their media investments.

Its first-ever offering was built around de-emphasising profit as brand’s top priority. “Watch to Donate” and “Engage to Donate” ad formats introduced an opportunity for viewers to resist skipping ads in exchange for donations that support good causes. Through this, Good-Loop has raised over $11M to date, promoting social good whilst still delivering up to 75% increase in brand consideration for 80 of the top 100 global brands.

As an industry leader, the first adtech company to be certified B Corp, and a founding member of Ad Net Zero, Good-Loop promotes sustainable advertising practices which not only benefit climate causes but foster a sustainable and responsible advertising ecosystem. Recent winner of Best Sustainable AdTech 2023, Good-Loop is audited by Greenly to maintain the highest standards in its measurement and reporting.

Improving the sustainability of the ad sector is vital as a typical online ad campaign emits 5.4 tonnes of CO2 – almost half of what an average person in the UK produces in a year.

The challenge has been educating the industry. Only one in three marketers believe a sustainable campaign contributes to success in their role [Counting Carbon Report, 2022]. The industry is so new to the topic that the scale of the problem and the opportunity haven’t been presented clearly.

Good-Loop’s primary offerings include Good-Measures – its word-class carbon measurement tool – making it easy for brands to reduce emissions in real-time. It allows advertisers to optimise the carbon footprint of creative assets and avoid working with high-carbon publishers when using the open web.

Good-Loop hasn’t just built proprietary tech, it has also had to bring an entire industry up to speed. Its Good-Media Academy provides a free course, Decarbonise your Digital Media, which has supported over 400 media professionals to better understand how to close the goal-to-action gap.

The company has partnered with a major Australian ad agency, a global car manufacturer and a leading conservation NGO to reduce the carbon footprint of an ad by 91.5kg per week, per campaign. Without impacting the creative finish, targeting, cost or ad performance, Good-Loop’s data-driven optimisations delivered a 41% reduction in emissions—demonstrating an overwhelming success.

Another success is its Nature Valley work, creating a bespoke ad experience where viewers who didn’t skip ads helped plant over 66,000 trees across US National Parks. This wasn’t at the expense of profit. Engagement from “not skipping” netted Nature Valley a 2.2x higher ad recall and 56% uplift on taking action following exposure. Campaign emissions were also reduced significantly by 36% through the Good for the Planet packages which curated audiences and publishers aligned to climate goals.

The results Good-Loop has delivered to its clients are a testament to its ethos that advertising can be a force for good, for the environment, consumers, and brands.



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